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Amit Sharma is a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), USA - The World's Leader in Fitness Certifications Since 1988. Amit is ranked in the top 10 percentile of all the trainers, all over the world who have passed the CFT exams since 1988. Amit Sharma is among the first 15 trainers in India to be certified by International Sports Sciences Association. Amit has also served ISSA as their All India Honorary Director.



Testimonials of Fitness Expertise

1. Mr. Jeffrey Maughan 2. Mr. Gavin Hamburger 3. Mr. Vasant Datla 4. Mr. Pradeep Darooka

We feel fortunate to have a trainer of your caliber and with your years of experience in the fitness industry representing ISSA internationally in Mumbai, India. Your clientele will undoubtedly benefit from the hard work, dedication, and determination you display in your life and love for helping others".

About ISSA: 

In 1988, the most powerful team of fitness experts ever assembled joined together with an unyielding commitment to stem the tide of physical decline in general public. Culled from the elite ranks of research, coaching, sports medicine and sport and fitness science, they formed the International Sports Sciences Association with the mission of standardizing information and transforming the health & fitness industry.

Since that initial gathering, THE INTERNATIONAL SPORTS SCIENCES ASSOCIATION has catapulted to the forefront of the fitness community. ISSA is now recognized as the WORLD LEADER IN FITNESS CERTIFICATION with over 60,000 graduates as of this writing and several thousand others currently enrolled in various programs. Hundreds of physicians, chiropractors, coaches, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and health & fitness professionals have taken ISSA specialized programs for certification and continuing education. The founders as well as the majority of ISSA professors and advisors are both world class athletes and Masters or PH.D.'s, people possessed of extraordinary academic backgrounds, as well as practical, "in the trenches" experience.

The ISSA acts as a teaching institution and certification agency for fitness trainers, athletic trainers, aerobic instructors, and medical professionals in every field of health care. ISSA hosts seminars in most states as well as numerous countries around the world. Our organization has set new standards in exercise assessment, nutritional planning, fitness instruction, sports medicine practice, and post rehabilitation training. Our certification and continuing education programs are universally recognized and our professional credibility is impeccable. ISSA programs are taught in numerous colleges and universities around the world.


Here are some facts that you should know, that not many trainers will tell you...

1) Do you know that the height to weight ratio is a completely outdated and inaccurate way to find out if you have any weight problems? Do you know that a much more scientific way of knowing if you are in the normal weight range or overweight/obese is actually to find the body fat%? A person may look slim and weigh less, but may have a body fat% in the higher ranges and so actually may be obese!

2) Do you believe that aerobics is the only way to burn fat? Do you know that for your body to burn fat through aerobics, your heart should beat at a particular rate for at least 20 minutes for your fat burning process to start, and this process will continue only till the time you maintain the heart rate?

3) Do you know that eating less and missing meals (aka dieting) will actually make you put on even more fat?

4) Do you know that one can never lose or gain fat, but can only reduce or increase the size of the fat cells in the body?

5) Do you know that it is better to aim to reduce the size of fat cells and increase the lean body mass rather than to "lose weight", and that there should be a continuous and regular monitoring to check if you are not actually losing your lean body mass, instead of reducing fat cells' size?

6) Do you know that one of the most efficient ways to reduce fat cells' size is a personalized and periodized workout programme which includes weight training, aerobics and proper nutritional planning?

7) Do you know that just lifting weights is not enough? Are you following the Compensatory Acceleration Training principle, along with the Time/Tension index? Better still, are you following the IPCAKE technique for better results?

8) Do you know what percentage of your 1 RM should you lift to get the results that you want? For eg, are you aware that for powerlifting you should lift 85-95% of your 1RM; for bodybuilding, reducing fat cells' size, general fitness, you should lift 65-85% of 1RM; for anaerobic endurance, like martial arts, one should lift 55-65% of 1RM; and for aerobic endurance, one should lift less than 55% of their 1RM?

9) Do you know that if a person 'X' got extremely good results by following a particular programme, the chances of that programme giving you similar results is extremely rare? As each individual is different, each one responds to the same workout in a completely different manner. This is the Law of Individual Differences, which is one of the 7 Granddaddy Laws which should be taken into consideration while creating a workout plan.

11) Do you think that lifting light weights and doing many repetitions will help you to reduce your fat cells' size, and will give you the definition that you want?

12) Do you think that if females lift weights they will become bulky?

13) Do you know that the best way to train abs is actually to use resistance and execute not more than 10-12 reps, as abs are predominantly Type II muscle fibres? Are you aware the doing more than 12 reps for abs is a waste of time and energy?

14) Do you know that after 4-6 weeks of exercising the same way, your body completely adapts to the workout, hits a plateau, and stops responding to the exercise regime? Around this time one HAS to 'shock' the systems into further growth by making significant changes in the workout, which does not necessarily mean lifting even heavier weights.

15) Do you know that proper and scientifically designed exercise programmes have shown to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart ailments, and may even reverse them in their early stages?